1. How can I create an account?

You should click on menu Plan => You click on Free Button of Free Package => You typing all things to Register Form => You click on Submit button.

Now you should wait for admin to approve your account.

You only login when your account is approved by Admin.

You can contact with admin via email iseo24hagent@gmail.com to process it as soon as!

2. How can I login?

It's simple, you click on Login menu then you typing your email and password in login form => Click on Login button.

It's Ok.

3. How can i have setup before I can create any form?

3.1. Setup Email that's used to send subcribers after they finish to register form

You click on Application Settings menu => you click on Email menu => You typing your email config there => You click on Submit button.

4. How can I create a form?

+ Step1: You click on Forms menu => click on Create button => Typing all things in form to create a form => Click on Submit button.

+ Step 2: In Forms List, you click on 2nd button like bellow picture to design your form.

smart form generator software

* Notes:

  • When you click on 1st button, so you can duplicate other form from that form.
  • When you click on 3rd button, so you can edit that form.
  • When you click on 4th button, so you can delete that form.

5. How can i see the list of subcribers?

You click on Submited Form => You choose the suitable form to see them.